About Lasona / Rug Styles

I'm Tim, the owner. The idea to start Lasona after traveling through silk road and Himalayas. I've always appreciated handmade items, especially. I passed through many towns and villages meeting different rug makers and watched how they were made. I wanted many but could only bring one back in my suitcase.

I decided to return the same route the next year....only then to source rugs and kilims and ship back to the U.S. so I can make these accessible to other people. All of these rugs and kilims are from facilities that I visited to where I could judge the working conditions. I personally picked out all of my collection.

All rugs on this site are hand-knotted and the kilims hand-woven. All products are made from 100% premium naturally-dyed wool. 

When searching for rugs, be mindful of machine made, synthetic fiber versions that attempt to mimic the designs a of the authentic hand-made carpets that do not compare in material or quality or look. Some of my favorite styles are below. Please see the descriptions to understand a little more about them

Super Kazaks

Super Kazaks are the most superior type of Kazak. These are known for their high-knot density, durability and beautiful highly saturated color tones of blue, teal, red and orange. The designs are usually traditional geometric and tribal in nature, common to the Afghan and Western areas of Pakistan Lasona's Kazaks are the absolute highest quality.


Khurjeen rugs combine traditional Afghan patterns with contemporary style. Similar to Super Kazaks, Khurjeens are known for their high-knot density, durability. They have rich and warm color tones. Khurjeen rugs are commonly woven by tribes in central and Northern Afghanistan across the Himalayas to Kashmir. Many have beautifully constructed tassels.


kilim rugs are flat-woven by hand, made from traditional, centuries old techniques. Kilims are typically made in the caucus regions, Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia and Northern Afghanistan. They t consist of colorful bohemian like patters. Solid creams, beige and grey are particularly great for large spaces to create a more contemporary look. Kilims can be a more economical alternative to the pile knotted rugs while still getting the same authenticity and quality. Kilims are very popular in western households and they make stunning tapestries as well.

** There may be some creasing when you first get your rug (due to packaging). This will go away within a couple of day. Do NOT use a vacuum with a beater brush as this can damage your carpet**